Pascha No 01 (1979)

Pascha No 01 (1979)

Pascha No 01 (1979)
English, German, French, Dutch | PDF | 82 Pages | 32 MB

Pascha No 01 (1979) Vintage Porn PDF Magazine Let’s Fuck Around The World. You can be sure you chose well in deciding to download this magazine. We know that it’s not so easy nowadays to know which publication to choose.

The porn market has got to be so big and so many mags are well made and in a way unfaultable. So with this new mag we are not interested in putting just another bad copy on the market but rather in giving a form to your own ideas and wishes and we invite you to help us with your own personal contributions or open criticisms and we will seriously and ceaselessly work to give you what you want.

`He can’t be back soon, ‘ laughs Hans-Joachim. `Don’t worry!’ But Wiltraut isn’t so sure, much as she would like to believe it. For her there’s no turning back now and she thinks to herself ‘I just hope he isn’t drunk when he comes home!’ be-cause she’s scared he’ll beat her up.

Instead of loving her, he thumps her and it’s been like that ever since they got married, which is a fair time ago. She has no outlet for her sexual longings with him. Divorce is out of the question. What sort of a life is that? When the cock she is gripping throbs beneath her fingers, she licks her lips before passing her tongue delicately over it then sucking it deep into her mouth, hoping to be inundated with his come, now. Someone still wants to fuck her!


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