Park Lane No 17 (1988)

Park Lane No 17 (1988)

Park Lane No 17 (1988)
English | PDF | 80 Pages | 146 MB

Park Lane No 17 Vintage PDF Porn Magazine Includes:
No Quick Flashes From Top Newspaper Glamour Girls Like Sandy Ross Inside Park Lane!
They Do It Nice R. Slowly Plus Length A Furry!
Men’s Best Value In Mags!

Featuring Models:
Zeta Ross Scans 2 – 5, 18 & 19
Marie Harper (Blonde) & Gina Powell Scans 6 – 11
Susie Sparks Scans 12 – 16
Julie Wilson Scans 70 – 73
Covermodel Sandy Ross
Louise is Janie Christensen.
In white Stocking – Bernadette Barker, in fishnet stocking = Trudi P

If you read Sunday Sport you’ll already have got your teeth briefly into outsize sensation Susie Sparks with the world’s most magnetic mammaries: mammaries that amount to 69 inches even before titillation. Now Park Lane gives you the chance to really wallow in this bra-burster’s titanic talents that give her as much pleasure (so she assures Park Lane) as folk who get to feel ’em.

Yes, they’re mega sensative are Susie’s tasty twosome and she finds them being fondled, and worshipped, postively ecstatic. What’s more, she’s becoming an Agony Aunt in our sidekick fortnightly, Parade Magazine, handling the sticky sexual problems of that budget-priced two weekly’s fans. So life is agony and ecstasy for this massive multi-talented Cleavage Queen.

Oh, and if her Park Lane pics give you an irresistible urge to wallow between those whoppers for hours on end, don’t forget to get the fullflavour of Susie in her all-picture Special which comes to Park Lane’s tit fiends at only £6 including post and packing – if you post the reservation slip in Ms Spark’s Park Lane pictures quickly!


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