Park Lane No 01 (1986)

Park Lane No 01 (1986)
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Welcome to the best news in men’s magazines, since well, we don’t know when! This is Park Lane No 01 (1986), named and fashioned after London’s most desirable thoroughfare. The street of the Hilton, the Dorchester, the Grosvenor House, and many other top hotels, establishments and stores, linking London’s Marble Arch with Hyde Park Corner, and representing the very best and most exciting elements that the Mayfair district has to offer.

And maybe the same could be said for new-look Park Lane Magazine when you compare it with our magazine rivals. What’s more, new-look, far-more-sleek, far more sophisticated Park Lane Magazine comes to you at an absurd price – only £1, that brings you ‘Page Three’, and ‘Sunbirds’ and other glamour stars almost wall-to-wall, end-to-end and cover-to-cover.

And as we’ve said before, Park Lane plans to concentrate on homebred beauty – on the very best that Britain has to offer without resorting to the imported ‘alien’ glamour photo features that abound, whatever the words along-side the photos say, in other magazines for men. One of our first tasks with Park Lane will be picking a ‘hostess’ to look after each issue – our glamorous anchor girl.

It could be one of the frisky funsters here revelling in Park Lane. It could be Louise London, who takes a day out in Yorkshire in this sexciting first issue. It could be Zeta who plays such a vital role in our sidekick publications like budget-priced Parade and Adult Fantasy. Or it could be an exciting new British discovery. Simply make sure you get Park Lane Number 2 in four weeks’ time and all will be revealed, in more ways than one.

In the meantime, relish all the stars in this Park Lana You might have got an idea of their assets and attributes in your daily and Sunday newspapers’ pin-up pages, or spotting them in various telly series. But only Park Lane has successfully tempted them to give that much more of themselves in the service of Park Laners like yourself!

Featuring Models:
Debee Ashby Cover & Scans 33 – 37
Zeta Ross & Heather Chittenden Scans 2 – 5
Corrine Russell Scans 6 – 9
Tracy Dodds Scans 10 – 12
Stephanie Wiggins With Zeta Ross Scans 13 – 16
Jake Miller Scans 25 (bottom left) & 26 (top pics)
Louise London Scans 29 & 76 – 79
Jackie St Clair Scans 38 – 41
Toni Kessering Scans 42, 44 – 47
Carina Roma Scans 65 – 69
Diana Goodbody Scans 70 & 71


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