Paradiso No 02 (1977)

Paradiso No 02 (1977) (Magazine & Loop)
English, German, French | PDF/AVI | 52 Pages/21 Mins | 340 MB

Dieses Magazin Paradiso No 02 (1977) ist aus Fotos des Super 8 Color-Filmes Schulmädchen-Porno III, „Klassen-Geile” Best.-Nr. L 633, der love film, Bochum zusammengestellt. All models are +18 years old or more.

May we present to you, Otti, Dolli, Luzi, Rosi and Jutta. Five school girls glowing with health, who are sitting in the street cafe after their school sports. What the hot pussys are concocting, you’ll find out in the following pages. By the way, for those who don’t know them – Paradiso magazines are published at regular intervals and the good thing about them, is that for every magazine there gives a super 8 colour film with of course sound.. Ask your dealer for details! You can see and hear for yourself, who Dolli’s cunt is rammed by big hard cocks and how Dr. Hammer shoots his ,come’ over Luzi’s face.

But lets begin our story; it all started in the sports lesson from Dr. Hammer “Put more feeling into it girls, a little quicker now, stretch those legs wide apart, loosen up those hips, and one and two, stand easy”. What wouldn’t make those young cunts horny, looking at the big bulge in Dr. Hammer’s tight fitting shorts. With sweaty knickers they go into the changing room.

Klassen-Geile ~ Schulmädchen-Porno III, 150 meter loop from Love Film label. Reasonable quality for a capture from old VHS, German dubbed. XVID 768×576 MPEG Audio Layer 3 22050Hz stereo 64Kbps. The troubles of hard-working teacher Hammer continue in this one after the earlier two loops that were compiled in the first segment of Schulmädchen-Porno. He is first subjected to a very Schulmädchen-style seduction game of raunchy students and finally a female colleague does not restrain herself from taking advantage of him. The shower scene after the gym class features some nude extras. NB Martine Grimaud has a non-speaking role.


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