Parade Winter Special January 1989

Parade Winter Special January 1989

Parade Winter Special January 1989
English | PDF | 80 Pages | 153 MB

Parade Winter Special January 1989 Adult PDF Magazine Helen Brady / Juicy Geordie Gina Wildes

Featuring Models:
Helen Brady Pages 27 – 31
Gina Wildes Pages 15 – 21
Louise Leeds Pages 27 – 31
Natalie Banus & Lisa Phillips Pages 32 & 33
Misty McCaine Pages 45 – 49
Solange Hop & Stephanie Bews & Ali Sky & Debbie Jay Pages 55 – 59
Clarissa Dawkins Pages 65 – 69
Trine Michelson Pages 75 – 79

YOUR WILD WINTER WARMER ZETA WITH THE WIND IN HER HAIR, INVITES YOU IN, OUT OF THE COLD… Come on inside my picture-packed ‘Winter Special’, for fans of my funky fortnightly, Parade, and warm the heart of your cockles inspired by top page-three and national newspaper knockouts I’ve got to send your temperature soaring, whatever the weather’s like outside.

And if my deluge of Winter Warmers isn’t enough to make you sweat, just listen to my own new hotline on 0836 403 390, and see if my own shocking sexperiences do the trick at just 25p a minute off peak (38p peak times). And even now I’m planning my next ‘Parade Special’ to put a spring in your step (and your trousers) -Parade’s Spring Special.

And if you’ve got bold ideas of what you’d like to see there, to turn you on totally, don’t forget Parade’s own phone-in line on 0836 403 393, where you can give me the low down on your personal lusts for just, yes, 25p a minute offpeak, or if 38p peak times. Here’s betting you’ll have a lot to say! \So don’t knock yourself out completely ogling the sexy sensations who provide instant central heating from this page onwards, in your wild Winter Special…


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