Parade Summer Special No 01 (1987)

Parade Summer Special No 01 (1987)

Parade Summer Special No 01 Vintage PDF Porn Magazine From 80s Featuring Models Like Zeta Ross Cover, Karen Wing as Paula, Belinda Box as Bernice, Parade “Mystery Star” Marianne Nash And More.

Welcome aboard Parade’s very own fantasy yacht, and meet our roving team of Parade Crowdpullers, captained by blonde bomb-shell, Three-er Marie Harpur (looking even better with her more-chewable-than-ever chest). This curvaceous quartet will be hitting a lot of hotspots this Summer, and keep your eyes peeled when they pull into harbour, land-lubbers and sexy seafarers alike!

They’ll be bringing holidaymakers the good news about torrid two-weekly Parade and saucy new Sunday newspaper. Sunday Sport which didn’t even exist this time last year, but which is already giving those old established (and we do mean old) Sundays a run for their money. Our flashing foursome here will be exporting the good news about this Sabbath blues breaker to seaside resorts dotted around the Mediterranean.

But even if you’re stuck at home, here’s an open invitation for you to climb aboard and enjoy the greatest 30 penn’orth of Sunday entertainment ever. All you do to join the Sunday Sports crowd (and it’s getting huge, as more and more folk get theirteeth into this colour-packed, crumpet-packed new Sunday thrill) is hand the coupon alongside our bottie-waving crew to your local newsagent to make your next Sunday a fun day!

Parade Summer Special No 01 (1987)
English | PDF | 96 Pages | 180 MB


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