Parade Summer Extra 1966

Parade Summer Extra 1966

Parade Summer Extra 1966
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Parade Summer Extra 1966 Vintage PDF Magazine Including Lucky Blonde by Jacques Pendower, Fought Duel with Cream Buns, Everything in the Garden’s Lovely by Cooper Hill And More …

I leapt into my swim-trunks with all haste, then ran eagerly down to the beach . . . the beach we called ours,” the desert-island-type, out-of-this-world cove where Samantha and I usually met. As a rule, Samantha was there first, waiting for me. just me on my tod, unless you counted the gulls doing their formation-dances overhead.

It was a glorious blue-and-gold day, with Salthaven looking like a colour-transparency. I stood there gulping in the lung-restorer and staring dreamily at the chocolate brown cliff that plunged down into a jade-green sea. All I wanted now was Samantha. It was all this landscape needed…the creamy silk-sheen blondness of Samantha.

the glistening, sun-bronzed, sweetly curving chassis that could somehow make two tiny fragments of material -calling itself a bikini look like something fabulous from the Paris fashions. One of these days. I knew. I’d flop down on one knee in this sandy haven away from the rat-race and beg Samantha to be all mine and to remain all mine until that sparkling sea dried up. This proposition had been somewhat delayed.

You ask why? Well, I suppose I had never fully understood the sensational Samantha. I had never really been sure what was going on in that beautiful head under the foaming lather of bright blonde hair. Could she, I asked myself, find hidden romantic qualities in anyone as dull as me? A good question. Samantha’s mind moved along channels very similar, I should imagine, to those followed by the movie script-writers.

That frothing blonde head was forever floating in imaginative clouds. She liked to find drama in everything. An incurable romantic. A sort of female Mitty. A daydreamer who saw herself as the bride of a Prince, the mistress of a matador, or the widow of a James Bond. It was amazing, really, how she seemed to find romance or adventure in everything. Maybe she even saw Inc as a colourful character? Was that possible? One of these days, I supposed. I would find out. But until .. .


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