Parade: Sneeky Peeks Special No 03 (1990)

Parade: Sneeky Peeks Special No 03 (1990)

Parade: Sneeky Peeks Special No 03 (1990)
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Parade: Sneeky Peeks Special No 03 (1990): Office Girl ‘Glenys’ Captured in an Unguarded Moment Thanks to a Bottle of Sherry and Silver Tongued Pete’s Persuasive Powers. Along With Many Unsuspecting Ladies.

Stephanie Bews Scans 4, 5, 7 – 10, 12, 13, 16 & 17
Keli Stewart Scans 32 & 33
Stacey is Tracey Middlemass.
Scans 19-20,22 = Laurie Noel
Scans 23-26, 28 Carmella Donner
Scan No. 34 = Jackie St.Clair
Scans 36-37,39,41,43,45 = Sammy Wise

Inside Stories:
‘Naomi’ was happy to strip for Pete as long as he took a photo of her holding a weapon Poor old Pete thought at first he was going to get to shoot his load!

Now we’re not claiming that ‘Debbie’ here is gullible but she thought she was modeling fashion on this particular occasion, Pete told her that if she lifted her skirt it would show off the top to its best advantage. How he conned her into raking off her knickers we will never know!


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