Parade No 62 (1987)

Parade No 62 (1987)

Parade No 62 PDF Porn Magazine Including Look What’s On Parade In Parade For Only A Quid! Roll In The Hay With Top Titillator Debbee Ashby! Parade’s Stolen The Stills From Her Brand New Bra – Bursting Movie! Jug-Gernaut Janie Heads West For Some Plymouth Ho! Ho! Ho!

But you don’t have to go thousand miles to get the good of this flasher, bred not a mile away from the M40, because she’s just one of the gorgeous girls, airing their talents in Parade’s Summer Special, our Parade `extra’ designed to make your temperature soar, even if you’re having to put up with Britain’s uncertain Summer. So, make sure of this sizzling slice of Parade summer madness, by making sure your local shop gets the tear-off slip by Lisa’s li-lo!

Parade’s hostess Zeta could hardly believe her eyes when Pete from Liverpool wrote to say Parade’s got a South-Of-The-Wash bias, when it comes to Paradames baring all! For a start, what about Parade’s ace titillator, lanky Kaye here and her team of Manchester flashograms? Don’t you remember their outing in Parade, Pete, and what about all our tartan turn-ons who got their tweeds off in Parade’s recent north-of-the-Tweed number?

What’s more, Kay and her curvaceous cohorts make up just one of the Parade teams roaming Northern holiday resorts this season, creating a sensation when they do their thing in niteries (on the streets too!), on the look-out for Parade-toting holiday-makers who get extra perks for their loyalty to today’s …

Parade No 62 (1987)
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