Parade No 1467 January 20th 1968

Parade No 1467 January 20th 1968

Parade No 1467 January 20th 1968 Vintage Erotic Magazine Featuring Pamela Tiffin And Including Do You Put Her Out To Work?

He had wandered through the dense jungle undergrowth for ten hours trying to find a track which would lead him to the safety of the coast. Father he had sprained his ankle and now it had swollen so much that he could hardly wall.. In addition, his throat was parched with (hint. Among the other sounds, he imagined he could hear the Now of water, This gave him the strength to pick his way forward.

Suddenly his path burst upon a clearing and his eyes boggled at what he saw. Ahead of him, down a steep rock face. clear water fell into a sparkling pool. In the pool a group of fair-skinned women were swimming, and on the surrounding rocks, other girls were lying in the nude sunbathing. Conscious now only of his (hint he tottered down the steep slope. Then he heard one of the girls cry out Those on the rocks leapt up those in the water came out.

All the women now stared at the punt man in a tattered flying suit as he staggered to the water’s edge. then immersed his head in the life-giving liquid. Not until he had quenched his thirst and refreshed himself did Strick take any notice of the girls. As he stood up he became aware of two of them standing behind him.

Parade No 1467 January 20th 1968
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