Parade Adult Fantasy No 42 (1989)

Parade Adult Fantasy No 42 (1989)

Parade Adult Fantasy No 42 Vintage Porn PDF Magazine From 80s Featuring Models Like Ali Sky In Cover, Zeta Ross, Taylor Wane as Joanna Gee, Louise Germaine as Tina Reed, Millie Minchin & Julie Davis, Jackie Jones, Debbie Quarrell as Debbie Ann Trent. You can download many more issues from Parade for free at our site, special issues and more.

Top Newspaper Stars Like Covergirl Ali Sky Put the Flesh on You Fantasies! Yes, More Horn Headliners Tha Ever Eager to Make Your Dreams Come True in Adult Fantasy 42! You’ve Told Tina Reed, Jackie Jones, & Joanna Gee What You Want ‘Em to Do & They Do It All in Our Pulsating Picture Pages!

It isn’t much fun having what a lot of people think is the biggest cock in the world if you are also shy and stutter and stammer and blush when you even talk to women. Big Bob has a huge dong, and he can never talk to a woman without blushing, but as regular readers will know, our Big Bob usually comes up smiling… If you must know, the reason I was on the coast road in Norfolk driving from Hunstanton to Yarmouth at three in the morning was all down to Fred. I’ve known him for years, and he said he had a job for me.

Parade Adult Fantasy No 42 (1989)
English | PDF | 80 Pages | 121 MB


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