Oriental Kittens Volume 04 No 02 (1985)

Oriental Kittens Volume 04 No 02 (1985)

Oriental Kittens Volume 04 No 02 Porn Magazines From 1980s Featuring Dallas Miko as Ana Cover Published By Nuance Inc.

Kim noticed it as soon as she arrived in the United States. The looks she received at first startled and surprised her—she felt that she would pass unnoticed in a land filled with large blonde women. “In my country, for a woman to be large and blonde is the ultimate in sexual appeal. And I suppose I thought it was that way everywhere.” But once here she discovered that American men seem to have strong desires for the petite dark look that Kim so well exhibits. “It was later,” she says.

That I realized that many American men believe that Oriental women possess sexual secrets, that we are trained in ways to make men happy.” She giggles as she thinks about it “But surely it is most normal for a woman to know what a man enjoys. And even more natural for her to be willing to provide it!” It didn’t take Kim long to realize that she could put her new-found sex appreal to work for her. After all, a recently arrived immigrant must do what she can to make a new life for herself, and Kim got right into it At first it was amusing, all the attention I was …

Oriental Kittens Volume 04 No 02 (1985)
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