Oriental Jewels Vol 03 No 02 (1983)

Oriental Jewels Vol 03 No 02 (1983)

Oriental Jewels Vol 03 No 02 Porn 80s Magazine Vintage From Nuance Inc Publishing Company

She is from Malaysia. She is what is known as Eurasian—her mother was Oriental and her father a Frenchman. The combination has produced some of the most beautiful women in the world, and Susie is no exception to the rule. Her beauty and fun-loving nature have resulted in her leaving her homeland at a young age, traveling to America and finding herself with a promising career in the motion picture industry. And for this beautiful princess of the Orient, life could not be better.

I came across on a cruise ship, Susie says. “I was a waitress in first class. One evening I met a man, his name was Harold. He was much older than me, very wealthy and people on board the ship told me that he was a film producer. Harold really took a liking to me, and one evening he invited me to his cabin. We had some wine, and then Harold asked if he could Mize some pictures of me.

I began posing for him, getting a little sexy as I lifted my dress and showed him a lot of leg and stuff. “Apparently I was driving Harold crazy. I began lifting my dress higher until he could see my panties. My dark patch of cunt hair was visible, and I knew he was horny. Finally, he broke down and offered me a picture deal if I would take all my clothes off. I agreed. I was having fun, and it was neat being so admired by this older guy.

Oriental Jewels Vol 03 No 02 (1983)
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