Oriental Erotica No 04 (1988)

Oriental Erotica No 04 (1988)

Oriental Erotica No 04 (1988)
English | PDF | 40 Pages | 59 MB

Oriental Erotica No 04 Porn Vintage Adult PDF Magazine Include:
Riding The Oriental Sexpress To Cumville
Oriental Sex Persuasion: Why You Can’t Say No
Getting Made Oriental Style – There’s Nothing Like It!

I love this country and all the gorgeous American guys that are in it. I have o very strong sex drive, meaning I love to have o dude’s hands on my pussy and tits because it makes me appreciate my female responsiveness. Sometimes I think I abuse my sexual freedom, fucking any guy who interests me, but I haven’t noticed myself curbing my appetite.

This country, in my opinion, is o non-stop sexual paradise for o good looking chick. Every guy I meet wants a piece from me. I’m lucky I happen to be oversexed or I’d have a lot of enemies. But because I have nothing against fucking my Mends, I haven’t an enemy in the world, if I did am sure I would wont to talk it over with the guy. Unless he decided I wasn’t prone for conversation!

It’s really exciting living over here. Especially for a girl with black, gleaming hair. and a nicely curved ass like mine. One guy told me I had curves in places where other girls didn’t even have places! I liked that line, so I decked him and had him dick me on the spot. Luckily we were in a pork where I had been playing frizbee with my dog, Chong. Dun that Joe really threw me a curve. Everytime he had me on the brink of coming all over him. he’d withdraw his wang until I calmed down.

By the time he finally let me come, making me explode like grenades my eyes were round instead of slanted! Whew! I cummed for about two solid minutes. Chang had to lick my face to bring me bock to reality. At least I think It was Chong! I never did see that dude again. but that’s not my fault. I hove him sleeping and fucking with me every night — in my dreams. It’s o cruel trick, making a girl cum like that, and then never seeing her again! I get so wet Just thinking about him, I probably gurgle when I walk.


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