New Cunts No 96 September 2005

New Cunts No 96, Blanke Muschies, Shaved Girls Porn PDF Magazine Cee Cee Title From The Silwa/ZBF Publisher. Incidently, the first story “My Cunt on a Cultural Journey” is published as “Cultural Journey” by Cee Cee as set 513m, with 35 images in the set. The story “Today’s Horoscope Said: Today is Your Day of Fulfillment” is published as “Day of Fulfillment “ by Cee Cee as set 514b with 34 images in the set.

While I was still at school my parents taught me that learning had to be the top priority for me. Angela, so that later you can be independent and self-reliant. I hardly had any boyfriends or girlfriends. Obviously, I had unfulfilled sexual needs. So I masturbated a lot. Later I studied. In my head there was only room for my career. Completed my exams very early – but besides a coed who clearly wanted to fuck me – but I didn’t want to fuck him – at 24 years of age I was …

Since then I’ve got a top job. a small villa and my housekeepers Maria and Ignazio. One day — I’d been hitting the champagne a little too hard. I called the two of them to me and asked them to demonstrate how they tuck. We’ve come to call It our house party. Both come suitably dressed. Ignazio has got one tine dick on him. Atter its been sucked hard I’ll get it stuffed up my cunt.

After that he fucks his Maria. I like to watch, the doll regularly gets a hefty orgasm when they do it. I’ll lick her cunt for her. And I Just adore It when he rams his cock up my arse. I’ll wank my clit while he’s In there, till my juices spurt out when I get my climax. Ignazlo Is one hell of a stud — I’m a little envious of Maria In that respect.

New Cunts No 96 September 2005
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