New Cunts No 88 December 1999

New Cunts No 88 December 1999

New Cunts No 88 December 1999
English, German, French, Spanish | PDF | 100 Pages | 103 MB

New Cunts No 88 December 1999 Porn PDF Magazine From Color Climax Featuring Models:
Double Fuck: Christina Klesitz
Red Hot Lust: Chandler Steele
Sexy Shave; Michelle Soavy
Cock Hunger: Gina Wild

Inside Stories:
Heidi’s boyfriend, Dirk loved to surprise the blonde beauty, and one day without telling her where they were going, he ordered her to put on her sexiest dress. Then he took her to a photo studio run by an old friend. Dirk knew that as she was an exhibitionist at heart she’d love doing a naughty photo session. And just as he had hoped, Heidi seemed to grow more and more aroused, her eyes dancing feverishly with delight, as his handsome friend, Gary encouraged her to reveal her body!

Regina had been keeping a secret ever since she met tall muscular Cody. Because she had seemed shy and demure at first, he’d naturally assumed that she was one of those girls who rarely wanted more than a kiss and a candlelit dinner. But Cody was wrong. Regina smouldered with unfulfilled passion, and there was one particular desire she’d always dreamed of experiencing. And as she led him into her home, Regina murmured, “Darling, I don’t know what’s wrong with me? My body has felt strangely restless all day. As if it yearns for something!” Cody couldn’t believe his ears! Did he misjudge her?

Donna had been suffering all summer. Both from the heat.. and from the unceasing heat in her loins! And determined to do something about both her problems, she bought an air conditioner and she asked the two handsome bachelors next door to install it for her. The two healthy young studs readily agreed, wanting to install more than that when they noted her flashing suggestive smile. And Curt and his friend, David, became especially interested when she promised them a “very special” reward!

Amelia had only met him once before, but here she was already visiting the handsome businessman, her eyes drawn to his intense hypnotic stare, and her body yearning for the sizable bulge she couldn’t help notice in his pants! Gordon was an expert on women, and he knew that he no longer needed to waste time with small talk. “Amelia, my dear,” he whispered. “We can both feel it. We are drawn to each other. Why fight it? Let’s go for it!” And then as she gasped in delighted surprise, Gordon moved to caress Amelia’s thighs.


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