New Cunts No 84 August 1997

New Cunts No 84 August 1997

New Cunts No 84 A false alarm leads to a burning fuck! Classic Shaved Sex Porn Magazines from Color Climax

One morning, Botina was feeling incredibly randy. She had woken up with an almost unbearable itch in her cunny. masturbated twice, and taken a cool shower, but nothing seemed to help. The tingling sensation in her crack persisted. She had to have cock! Luckily, rescue was close at hand… Alberto and Luigi, had arranged a meeting with her, to discuss the decor in a restaurant.

The next thing Betina knew, she had a huge prick buried in her quivering twat, and another in deep in her mouth… “MM, ahhh… this feels good…” she muttered between mouthfuls of “meat”. “Don’t suck so hard, care mia!” Alberto groaned. “I don’t want to shoot too soon!” Betina released his penis from between her lips, and the next moment, she found herself riding on it, whilst she licked…

Julie’s boyfriend Hans, ran a motioncentre in Dusseldorf, and a very successful firm that manufactured and marketed body-building equipment Hans often sponsored up and coming gymnasts who trained at his club… Gert was about to become a big star in the fitness business and Hans wanted to sign a contract with him. Gert – who was a foxy type – decided to play hard to get. That is where Julie came into the picture. Hans knew that his..

New Cunts No 84 August 1997
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