New Cunts No 81 March 1996

New Cunts No 81 PDF Vintage Magazine Featuring: These Girls Know How to Keep Their Bosses Happy, Classic Shaved Sex Porn Magazines From Color Climax

Betina was very happy with Ralph and Steve, her two new partners in the little interior decorating firm she owned. Ralph was a wizard with fabrics and Steve was not only an expert on furniture and antiques, he was good with figures too. It was a great partnership, except for the fact that Betina was convinced that the two men were “gay”… One afternoon, she decided to put her theory…

Lily and George were always coming up with sexy ideas to please each other. They were a very affectionate couple who cared about each other’s desires and fantasies, and did their best -within the bounds of reason – to accomodate one another… Like the time they were indulging in their favourite practise of hot necking, and Lily, whose libido was working in overdrive, begged her lover to lick her juicy cranny… George, who had always wanted Lily to shave her cunny, took the plunge… “I love licking you, darling…” he began, “but I don’t…

New Cunts No 81 March 1996
English, German, French, Spanish | PDF | 100 Pages | 63 MB


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