New Cunts No 72 June 1993

New Cunts No 72 June 1993 Classic Shaved Sex Porn Magazines from Color Climax Featuring Wanna in Hungry Arsehole is Sade Model

A lot of people think that women cannot live without a prick to give them sexual satisfaction. This was not the case with Ingrid and Anna. The two girls had nothing against men, but sometimes, when the conversation got down to “basics”, and they needed an immediate solution to get rid of the itch between their thighs, the answer was simple…

I love you in my cunt, baby!” she sighed. “But I don’t have to tell you what I really want, do I?” Of course she didn’t! Seconds later, she was impaled by the anus on her lover’s thick root. “Why does it always feel so good in the wrong hole?” she added. But it was a rhetorical question…

Natalie and Charlotte had quite a few things in common. They both had rich fathers, loved antiques and shared an insatiable appetite for big pricks. Charlotte was quite shameless when it came to getting her hands – or lips – around a fat male organ, and Natalie had nick-named her “Charlotte the harlot”. The two girls had found themselves an apartment, and were in the process of furnishing it. One of the items they were going to buy was a sumptuous velvet sofa, that one of Natalie’s…

New Cunts No 72 June 1993
English, German, French, Spanish | PDF | 100 Pages | 42 MB


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