New Cunts No 67 March 1992

New Cunts No 67 March 1992

New Cunts No 67 March 1992
English, German, French, Spanish | PDF | 100 Pages | 149 MB

New Cunts No 67 A soft and silky velvet vagina, Super edition with 100 pages

Featuring Models:
Quick Thrill – Zora Niemann
Soft And Silky – Deidre Holland
Shaving Lesson – Janet Monroe ( Dark Hair )
Sex Kitten On Heat – Kitten Natividad
The woman in French Games is Katina/Katia Russinova

Stories Inside Magazine:
It began to pulse even harder when the beauty took it in her mouth. They were both still slightly tipsy, which helped to make things even spicier… “Please, take me now… please…” Rhonda moaned, thrusting her lovely arse in the air. Butch did not need a second invitation. It was the kind of offer that only an idiot would have turned down – and he was no fool!

Ilsa loved the new exercise bike that her boyfriend Johan, had given her. He thought it was a good investment too. She liked to keep in shape, and he loved the shape it kept her in! One morning Johan was in a very horny mood. And knowing that his girlfriend would be nice and sweaty between her legs after a ride, he decided to grab her for a quick fuck, before she took a shower…

Dr. Richardson was more than pleasantly surprised when he received a visit from Sue and Leslie-Ann. They had a present for him, a shaving kit… “This is very nice of you.” he thanked them. “But can’t you remember from the times we went on our student travels? I always used an electric razor and still do!” “Never mind!” Sue replied…


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