New Cunts No 32 October 1981

New Cunts No 32 October 1981

New Cunts No 32 October 1981
English, German, French | PDF | 52 Pages | 46 MB

New Cunts No 32 October 1981 Vintage PDF Porn Magazine Only shaved models Nur rasierte modelle The international magazine for lovers of shaven cunts by Color Climax

Freddy wasn’t slow to notice that the woman who was so eagerly displaying her breasts on the screen, really excited his customer. “She’s called Lily!” he said, “you’ll find her on the first floor. She’s really a goer! But that doesn’t mean she does it for free. So you’d better be ready to blow the dust off your wallet!” Sidney didn’t hesitate. The girl was really exciting, and in a short time, he found himself in her elegant salon. She had class. Tasteless negligees that were so typical of whores, just weren’t her in any way style …

Sidney had naturally no idea that two curious and lecherous eyes down in the bar, were feasting themselves on what was going on between him and Lily – until Freddy, the black barman, couldn’t contain himself any longer. He bounded up the stairs like a greyhound, with his flies open, almost ripped the door off its hinges and quickly stuck his erection into Lily’s mouth. “You don’t mind if Freddy joins us, do you?” she asked, “I think that it’s more exciting to fuck with two men, okay?” Sidney was so preoccupied with licking her bald pussy, lost in his fascination, that he didn’t reply. Anyway, what could one say in such a situation? And anyway, who’d want to waste precious cunt-sucking time?


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