New Cunts No 27 April 1980

New Cunts No 27 shaving lesson, Classic Shaved Sex Porn Magazines from Color Climax Featuring Shaving lessons: Janet Monroe & Doctor Feelgood: CC Model Gretha

Bent really enjoyed his job as a delivery boy. He was always meeting new people, and some of them turned out to be full of delightful surprises. Like the day he took some groceries to Rebecca, who although in her late thirties, still had the figure of a woman a good deal younger. “Come in and put the things on the table,” she said, “whilst I sort you out a tip for your trouble.” She opened her purse and in doing so some of the smallchange fell onto the floor. Bent quickly bent down to pick them up. But not half as quickly as Rebecca opened her housecoat, to reveal a very full formed pair of shapely breasts and a hairless, delicious looking mound of Venus …

The sight of her hairless cunt caused Bent’s prick to stand immediately to attention. And when Rebecca pushed the bald, fragrant lips of her pussy up against his face, he thought it would burst through his underpants. “Don’t you want to lick it?” she smiled invitingly. Bent pecked at her musky slit. “It’s easy to see you’re not too experienced,” she smiled and taking her clothes off and laying on the bed, “get stripped, and I’ll teach you a trick or two that you won’t forget!”

New Cunts No 27 April 1980
English, German, French | PDF | 52 Pages | 91 MB


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