New Cunts No 16 July 1977

New Cunts No 16 July 1977

New Cunts No 16 July 1977
English, German, French | PDF | 32 Pages | 12 MB

New Cunts No 16 July 1977 Only shaved models Nur rasierte modelle Porn Magazine For Adults Only PDF

While Mae drifts into the sweetness of ‘dream-land’, she starts to strip, just the way she did, the day before yesterday for a smart French businessman. He met her while she was working, invited her out to dinner and later took her back to his hotel room where he gave her a ‘sound’ fucking – just the way a good bit of ‘crumpet’ should be fucked! She writhed in one sensuous orgasm after another!

“I’m sure that being a Thai girl, I could wake a storm over there in Europe ‘cos the men are just wild about us Thai girls!” she sighs longingly and paws at her clit with her elegant fingertips and a large humming massage stick. “Your warm, stiff, fat cocks and my tight, juicy little cunt are just made for each other! Last week I had a representative from Germany. At first he just couldn’t get his fat poker into my little fanny! But we worked at it hard and in the end I managed to get deep into my sensitive little hole! Ohh … it was lovely!”


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