Monsieur Volume 05 No 03 August 1962

Monsieur Volume 05 No 03 August 1962

Monsieur Volume 05 No 03 August 1962
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Monsieur Volume 05 No 03 is published bi-monthly by LPL Publications, All models are +18 years old or more.

Since so many of you always write in asking for more details about MONSIEUR’s cover girls, we decided to interview this one for you. We prepared a list of the fifty most asked questions and proceeded with them and a tape recorder ( so there would be no misquoting) to our rendezvous with the current cover girl, Mary Berry.

Now on with the interview. US: Is Mary Berry, your real name? SHE: Are you asking if I’m for real? US: Oh, no. One look at you and anyone can see you’re for real. We just asked if your name was for real. SHE: It is. In fact some of my friends call me Merry Berry to rhyme with hari-kari. US: Well, you do look like a suicide blonds SHE: What is that supposed to — oh, I think I get it. Do you mean, dyed by my own hand?

US: Peroxide I’d better not say. SHE: Double ouch. After that I should be allowed a question. Do you twist? US: Do we what? SHE: Do you twist? US: You mean the dance? SHE: I wasn’t asking if you worked in a pretzel factory. US: We can take it or sit it out. SHE: How can you say that? The Twist is the most.

Even this MONSIEUR cover is a tribute to it., US: To the Twist? SHE: You bet. I insisted on posing against a striped background in honor of the Peppermint lounge where it became famous. Do you realize even the Indians have taken up the Twist? US: I suppose you’re going to tell us they do the Twist


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