Modern Man Winter Spring 1964

Modern Man Winter Spring 1964

Modern Man Annual Volume 28 Winter Spring 1964
English | PDF | 70 Pages | 121 MB

Modern Man Winter Spring 1964 Vintage Erotic Magazine PDF Fame is a bright circle of spotlights that attracts beautiful girls the way a flame attracts moths, and each year, hundreds of new faces and figures succumb to the lure.

Flocking to the fringe of the brightness (where they become known as starlets or models), they try—like moths fluttering against a window pane — to break the invisible barrier between themselves and stardom. Some will get through and find their fortunes on stage, screen, TV, or in night clubs; others will slip back into the darkness of obscurity.

But MM Annual, which takes pride in its ability to pick winners, here-with presents those candidates from all over the world who arc considered most likely to succeed in 1964. At least, when it comes to show business, these are the gals who have plenty worth showing.

Models : Eva Six, June Palmer, Sally Douglas, Iris Bristol, Perin Lewis, Annie Gorassini, Sylvia Sorrente,
Michèle Mercier, Cindy Lee, Marilyn Savage, Dena McGuire, Marilyn Taylor, Marli Evans, Edmée Fontanez,
Dodo d’Hambourg, Maxine Chavez, Alice Vouyouklaki, Heide Anderson, Ginger Hauser, Paula King.


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