Modern Man January 1976

Modern Man January 1976

Modern Man January 1976
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Modern Man January 1976 Vintage Porn PDF Magazine The Adult Picture Including Inside The Sex Maniac, How To Service A Stud And More

Of the many scrumptious Britons uncovered by MM, Susan Osborne with her meaty parts is so impressive she could grow hair on the American bald eagle. From a nation once better known for its fish ‘n chips than for its females, Susan and her sisters in loveliness can stand up against competition anywhere in the world — proving that Britons are doing one helluva fine job producing delicious females.

Moreover, the developments are not wasted, either, as evidenced by the fact that Susan has a delightful face to accompany her dynamic form. Sadly, Britannia will not reveal the secret of its sexcess, and Susan insists she just grew naturally to perfection.

“SHE SAT on the bed and spread her long legs wide apart. ‘Place your mouth to my quiff and let me see how obedient you can be.’ With that, Elizabeth leaned far back and presented bare to his view, the dark, moist-looking softness in the recess of her spread crotch. Immediately, Charles dropped to his knees before her. His face hurried between her thighs and the woman sighed as she felt his mouth pressing her.

“She had trained him well and his tongue probed deep into her quiff to perform the demanded task. “Keep going,’ she began to pant a little, ‘keep on until I tell you to stop.’ Charles felt her body beginning to jerk toward him in hot spasms. Inspired by her own passion which was growing to meet his own, he continued to lick and press hotly against the softness with his mouth until he heard a prolonged moan break from the throat of the woman. He knew then she had completed her come.


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