Model Directory Volume 01 No 03 May 1980

Model Directory Volume 01 No 03 May 1980

Model Directory Volume 01 No 03 80s Porn Magazine Featuring Models Misty Knight, Nancy Suiter, Caroline Coombe, Julia Edwards, Claire Francis, Brigitte Lahaie, Carol Bridger, Virginia Winter, Bridget Tremayne, Fia Morrow, Christine Burke, Jane Hazeldene, Linda Gordon, Sara Greene/Melva Ranie, Glenda Allen, Tilly Karns, Valerie Rae Clark, Shelley, Zoe Hendry, Tricia Gray, Angela Jay, Georgina Wilson.

Published by Paul Raymond Publications Ltd. Archer St. London and printed by Hunterprint Ltd. Radlett. Colour origination by Colorscan. High Wycombe. This periodical is sold subject to the following conditions, namely that it shall not, without written consent of the publishers first given, be lent resold. hired out or otherwise disposed of by way of Trade. except at the full retail price of Et and it shall not be lent, resold, hired out or otherwise disposed of in a mutilated condition or in any unauthorised cover by way of Trade or affixed to or as pan of any publications or advertising literary or pictorial matter whatsoever.

All contributions, including colour transparencies and photographs. submitted to the magazine are sent at the owner’s risk and while every care is taken, neither Paul Raymond Publications Ltd. nor its agents accept liability for loss or damage. Second Class Postage paid at New York Post Office. N.Y. Distributed by Conde Nast G National Magazine Distributors Limited (COMAG). West Drayton. Middlesex. May. 1980. © Paul Raymond Publications Ltd. 1980. All Models are +18 Years old or more!

Model Directory Volume 01 No 03 May 1980
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