Mistress in Satin (1950)

Mistress in Satin (1950)

Mistress in Satin (1950)
English | PDF | 58 Pages | 29 MB

Mistress in Satin From 50’s Vintage PDF Magazine From Exotique Publications
Contents are; Great pictorial of full-page photos on two Women dressing up in Fetish clothes—high heels, hose, bras, corsets, lingerie, satin dresses, etc.58 Full-Pages b/w photos. Fiction story runs along too.

If anyone had walked into Wanda’s apartment right at this moment, his eyes would be treated to a sight “designed for pleasure”…. Wanda made it a practice to always dress as if her lover was due to arrive…. In that way she could never be caught with “her pants down” – so to speak.

As was her habit, she sipped her morning coffee dressed in a black satin corset that pulled her waist in to a mere nineteen inches. It usually took a lot of tugging and pulling to achieve this, but it was worth the effort. Above her trim waist protruded her magnificent bust.

Here was her major charm. The “piece de resistance” – as the French would put it. It taped in at no less than forty inches and was as firm as anyone could wish for. Below, her hips spread out to 37 inches. Naturally, with a figure like this, Wanda was not in the least bit ashamed to show it.

She wore the most clinging and revealing dresses that she could find and would never think of going out without some form of corsetting to pull in her waist and exhibit her other points of interest. The satin corset that she wore today was only one of her vast collection that numbered in the thirties. Satin, leather – all types and fabrics. In addition, Wanda wore a pair of her ultra sheer, dark nylons.


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