Miss P No 05 June 1982

Miss P No 05 Vintage PDF Porn Magazine From June 1982 Published By Elfra. All Models Are +18 Years Old Or More!

I had met Jimmy and Robert in an evening cooking class. Soon we decided to do our “homework” together at our homes every week i.e. to repeat the cooking we had learnt in the course. When Robert and Jimmy came to my flat, how-ever, it didn’t take long and we got in a kind of mood that made every-thing possible. But I had never screwed with two men at a time before .. .

After the Dinner it was excellent, by the way the two masters of culinary art came into my small kitchen. To wipe dishes, they said. But they stripped off my clothes instead! They fondled my tits. grabbed under my skirt, and stuck their hot fingers into my moist crack.

I tried to keep them away from me at first. But then I thought “why not”, and joined in. Robert murmured “now I want my sweets from your honey box”, and I deliberately spread my thighs and let him lick at my cunt. He was sensational, his tongue found exactly the point of highest delight.

Miss P No 05 June 1982 (Silwa Magazines)
English, German, French, Dutch | PDF | 62 Pages | 96 MB


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