Mentor No 24 (1971)

Mentor No 24 (1971)

Mentor No 24 (1971)
English | PDF | 48 Pages | 7 MB

Mentor No 24 (1971) Vintage PDF Erotic Magazine With Image Set For Adults Only. All Models Are +18 Years Old Or More!

We have received many enquiries regarding certain girls. For this reason we have collected the best photographs of these girls and put them into sets. One customer has advised us to call these sets of glossy photographs “Sex Sets”.

Francois Aide Raquel Walsh. Dawn Williams Sheila Bancroft. Kim Novok. (A French widow in London) .(You 4=7 tell the difference) (Lose crazy). (Pregnant). (She may!) .Suzie Wear. (The girl next door) . Julia Adams’ (A.mere school girl). Jo Lawrence. (Best looker in London). Linda Deans. (Some like a lot). Zim Parker (Nearly as bad as her name) Gerry Brown (Certainly no fella) Nicol Yemer (Still the best body in London). Cindy Neal (Some sinner) 14. Cherry Hepburn .. (What a fruity!)

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