Men Only Volume 58 No 02 (1993)

Men Only Volume 58 No 02 (1993)

Men Only Volume 58 No 02 (1993)
English | PDF | 100 Pages | 132 MB

Men Only Volume 58 No 02 (1993) Vintage PDF Porn Magazine Published By Paul Raymond Featuring Models Stephanie Bews (cover only), Lisa Lipps, Debbie Jay, Diana Wynne, Jo Guest, Michelle Wilkie, Karen Partington, Candy Cripe

… sucking my pego at our wedding anniversary dinner and say not a word. Put a darning needle in the gusset of my riding breeches perhaps, where I wouldn’t find it until jumping a fence out hunting. But that was it. One shrill scream and a couple of stitches in the scrotum put an end to her anger. KITCHEN SINK: Great was the rejoicing in the village of Uttoxeter when we reopened the Towers and all our servants returned to their posts. The washing-up was consigned once again to the scullery, wherever that is, and life resumed its customary cultured ease and contentment. But the memsahib and I can never forget that we broke the cardinal rule of etiquette and soiled our noble hands with long-lasting lather! We do penance. Once a year we repair to the kitchens, dressed in nothing but aprons …

Like a ray of instant sunshine, Candy emerges from the pages radiant and so bursting with health it makes you feel decrepit just to gaze upon her athletically-honed contours. Mind you, alongside the majority of Men Only staffers, Jeffrey Bernard looks like Linford Christie, so maybe things are different wherever you might be. But 23-year-old Candy . . . now here’s a gal with a purpose.


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