Men Only Volume 56 No 05 (1991)

Men Only Volume 56 No 05 (1991)

Men Only Volume 56 No 05 (1991)
English | PDF | 100 Pages | 78 MB

Men Only Volume 56 No 05 (1991) PDF Vintage Softcore Porn Magazine Published By Paul Raymond Publications

Rampantly Nude: The Gorgeous Pouting Girls Of Summer Greathtakingly Naked
World Of Nookie: Lewd Country Pastimes
First Bumper Bonker Stonker Of Summer
Huge Boobs: Britain’s Only Remaining Vaguely Humorous Magazine

Covergirl is Claire Green
Laura Lee is Lara McEwan
Kathy is Kathryn Shannon
Toppsy is Toppsy Curvey
My Confession Model Is Suzanne Brando

Secondly, they’re big. More than that, they’re bigger than yours. Who wants a little one when you can have a big one? I pay my road tax, I want more of the road. In fact, I want all of it. Get out of the way. Why is it that the car is the only thing that gets saddled with this ‘big is bad’ label? If small was really beautiful, you’d find lines in this magazine like this: One flick of his zipper and there it was.

“Oh my God,” I muttered to myself, “this was the body that put the ass in passion and the cock that put the ‘ard in ardour, the eel in feeling, and the dynamic in aerodynamic. Smooth, gently-curved and so beautifully SMALL. My legs began quivering in expectation,” etc. etc. Come off it. If dicks polluted the atmosphere, who’d be buying the economy version then? Thirdly, old Yanks are about as green as a Tory tie. Smog. Don’t you lust love it. I happen


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