Men Only Volume 46 No 07 July 1981

Men Only Volume 46 No 07 July 1981

Men Only Volume 46 No 07 July 1981
English | PDF | 90 Pages | 165 MB

Men Only Volume 46 No 07 PDF Magazine Softcore Porn By Paul Raymond Publishing

The Hieghts Of Horror By Daniel Farson
The Art Of Eating Out By Fiona Richmond
Live Sex Sensation!
Paul Raymond’s Hottest Stage Show Exclusive Pix!

Inside Magazine:
Executive Wives is a fea-ture where we publish sensuous pictures of high-powered career women or the wives or girlfriends of top businessmen. If you think the lady in your life qualifies, simply send us some sample nude pictures of her (Polaroids are fine) and if we agree we’ll send a top photographer to shoot a set of her. Along-side those, we’ll print some of your snapshots. The chosen entry each month will share £250 -and there will be consolation prizes for runners-up. Address your entries to: Executive Wives, Men Only, Paul Raymond Publications Ltd., 2 Archer Street, London W1V THE.

I CONFESS I’VE never felt the urge to make love any higher than two feet from the floor. Like the young lady from Ealing who had to be scraped off the ceiling there have been moments when I’ve reached dizzy heights on the end of a gentle-man’s tongue, but invitations to fuck in freefall leave me cold. Apart from some rather wild escapades in a number of haystacks in my youth, my lack of a head for heights has meant that even while hanging off the edge of a bed, bum in the air while a kind gentleman gives me the benefit of a stiff length from the rear, I insist that my knees touch the ground. Which is why it came as something of an education when I became stuck in a lift with a certain company executive who’d been making unsuccessful sorties (his phrase) against my knickers and my virtue for the past two hours


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