Mega Climax No 74 June 1997

Mega Climax No 74 June 1997

Mega Climax No 74 June 1997
English, German, French, Spanish | PDF | 116 Pages | 247 MB

Vintage Adult PDF Porn Magazine Mega Climax No 74 June 1997. As per usual, we have put together 116 pages of pure porno-action for your “Mega” enjoyment, with something to appeal to just about every erotic palate. Check out Janine, a black beauty and Rachel as they try on some kinky clothes and then try out some “lesbian toys”. And if they don’t get your gonads going, we’re sure the sight of Rosemary enjoying some “fist-fuck fun” will! There’s something for busty lusters too, as Vicki’s monster “melons” wobble in tempo with the big pricks that are invading her cunny and arsehole at the same time. And there are more sandwich thrills, when Jenny closes her pub and opens up all her holes! Good Reading!

Lynn was very pleased with her new job in Frank and Walter’s firm. Her employers were consultants in the world of high finance, but they were very informal types, which Lynn soon discovered… Frank was not the type to mince words, which Lynn also discovered, when she was taking a telephone call one morning, and he began to get very familiar with her. Lynn was not a feminist, and she had nothing against being regarded as a “sex-object”… “I want to fuck you, baby! I want to fuck you right now!” he whispered with…

Office Orgy – Tiffany Mynx
Lesbian Toys – Raissa Wedsinsky aka Sylvaine and Lucia Matthews
Fist Fuck Fun – Hayley Jane Russell (Brunette) Lisa Stretton (Blond)
Busty Barmaid – Lynn Armitage
Sandwich Party – Mesha Lynn
Sperm Dessert – Luma Carioca


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