Mega Climax No 73 December 1996

Mega Climax No 73 December 1996

Mega Climax No 73 December 1996 From Color Climax Porn Magazine PDF Featuring Models Kinky Desires is Helena Weigert, Hungry Cunt is Lacey Rose, Anal Bargain is Kathy Kash (Blue Dress) and Cristina Valenti (Pink Dress), Secret Dream is Chanel Price, Big Tit Sandwich is Gina Colany, Hot Salami is Milada AKA Trudi

When Mitzi and Karina discovered that there was a Sale at Anatol’s jewelry store in Budapest, they were convinced by his lecherous glances that they could get some extra discount. “I only give rebate to special clients!” he informed them. “What if I put up the closed sign? Then we can discuss the matter more intimately!”

Sue-Anne’s dream was to sneak into the locker room of a football team… As in all dreams, things went easily, and her fantasy lovers greeted her with open arms. She crouched between them, enjoying the difference in flavour between the “dark-meat” of a tall negro, and the “light flesh” of his team mates. As she sucked on two cocks, the third “member” of the team started to fuck her brains out…

You can download complete issue of Mega Climax No 74 June 1997 too.

Mega Climax No 73 December 1996
English, German, French, Spanish | PDF | 116 Pages | 540 MB


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