Mayfair Volume 33 No 12 December 1998

Mayfair Volume 33 No 12 December 1998

Mayfair Volume 33 No 12 December 1998
English | PDF | 100 Pages | 310 MB

2 Pages Are Removed By Original Scanner! All Models Are +18 Years Old Or More!
Page 001 plus pages 005 to 011 – Leilani Dowding
Pages 054 to 059 – Claire Cass
Pages 094 to 097 – Veronica Zemanova as Veronica

Covergirl Leilani Dowding (Not Nude)
Mayfair Girl of the Month is Claire Cass photographed by Steve Colby
Miss Great Britain!
Claire Cass: Flash Dancer – See Her Sweat On The Internet!
Celebrity Sizzles! Helena Bonham-Carter, Traci Lords, Rosie Perez & Beverly D’Angelo
Judy, Dami, Nikki & Cilla

5 Leilani Dowding
13 Penny
21 Judy
31 Demi
43 Nikki & Cilla
61 Zoe
94 Veronica Zemanova

4 Mayfair Male
Amazing! People keep on having sex and people keep on writing about sex Will it never end? Not as long as we’re about it won’t! Eyes at the ready, then…
12 Extreme Sports
“But this isn’t a sport,” you may well bleat And maybe it’s not, but you can’t deny it’s not extreme to drive a beautiful sports car across the barren wastelands of the Sahara!
20 Up The Skirt!
It’s not the done thing to lie on your back and peer up women’s skirts, but every man knows that’s ideally how he’d like to spend his day Short skirts and knickers can drive a man crazy, so prepare to lose your nuts!
28 Porn In The UK
For years us sad Brits have been denied hardcore porn by elderly censors and religious fascists who apparently know better than we do Well the time has come to legally see people coming on film Rejoice!
36 Win A Tigershark!
Win a what? Look, pal, this is the best machine man has ever invented and is the fastest ride you’ll ever have — on water! It’s a Suzuki-powered Personal Water Craft, and if you play your cards, right it could be yours!
38 Scene From
We’ve decided that for this month only we’ll fill our news section with stuff about films you’ve never heard of, pictures of people you don’t care about and reviews of games you can’t afford. Same as usual really.
52 Celebrity Sizzlers!
Rosie Perez, Traci Lords, Helena Bonham-Carter and Beverly D’Angelo are this month’s naked lady luvvies. They’ve got talents coming out of their pants, this lot.
54 See Us On The Net
Haven’t got a computer? Then you’ll kick yourself when you see what can be accessed via the Internet This month Claire Cass gets raunchy as a ballet dancer in a private show just for those with the technology!
60 Linda Luxury
She’s rich, she’s sexy, and she’s a fictitious character we’ve invented. See Linda in our marvellous comic strip bound to be a cult hit, or a part of the mag nobody reads.
90 Quest
We asked a group of women about their thoughts on sex and swapping partners. Their words are frank, to the point, and bound to get your cock as hard as rock!


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