Mayfair Volume 31 No 08 (1996)

Mayfair Volume 31 No 08 (1996)

Mayfair Volume 31 No 08 (1996)
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Titles Of Mayfair Volume 31 No 08:
Nude Exclusive! Take A Peek At Patsy Kensit Totally Naked!
Luscious Liz Hurley Her Sizzling Screen Sex Scenes!
King Of The Swingers! Erotic Escapades Of Real – Life Wife-Swappers
Caution Slippery When Wet

The sex was incredible. I was so turned on, I lost all my inhibitions. He said he wanted to try something different — anal sex. I thought twice, then decided to try it. The best decision I ever made. He’d done it before, and I let him show me what to do. He started by teasing around the opening, then pushed a single finger inside. It was like nothing I’d experienced before, but it was good and I wanted more. Then he began to push his dick into my arse. It was such an unusual sensation; my pussy was empty but I still felt full of cock. There was a stab of pain, but it was good pain —the kind you know will eventually lead to an amazing orgasm. He stayed inside me for ages, until at last I came. It was an amazing sensation, and set him off so that I felt the warm flood of his ejaculation spread deep inside me.

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