Max Volume 04 No 05 August 1989

Max Volume 04 No 05 August 1989

Max Volume 04 No 05 August 1989 Vintage PDF Porn Magazine Featuring Covergirl Ava: Feed Me Your Meat!, Melissa Mounds, Becky 46E Amateur!

Featuring Models:
Donna Ewin as Ava Cover & Scans 54 – 61, Susanne Brecht Scan 4, Sally Anne Balaam Scan 7, Toni Shiletto as Barbi Scans 25 – 29, Simone Scans 33 – 39, Melissa Mounds Scans 46 – 53, Tammy Patel as Nina Scans 62 – 69, Trinity Loren Scan 78 (Left), Nikki King Scans 78 & 79, Sarah John as Judy Scans 81 – 85, Yvonne Currie Scan 100

I want to be a professional nude photographer myself, except I want to photograph men. I love the male body, I adore hot, hard cocks, and I’m a maniac when it comes to sex. I couldn’t think of a better way to earn a living. “Before I had my first session as a photographer, I figured that I should pose nude to get the feel of what it’s like to be in front of the camera with no clothes on. These are the pictures from that session. I thought I was going to be very calm and professional about it, but boy, did my pussy get horny.

After the shooting I had to go home and masturbate. Twice. “Then it was my turn to take the pictures. The guy I was photographing was blonde, built and beautiful. And I mean built! He had a big, strong cock with a perfectly shaped head and a big, hairy pair of balls that drove me crazy. I was trying to keep my mind on my work, but as the shooting went on my pussy got wetter and wetter until the crotch of my panties was soaked. As I moved in on his cock for a super close-up I couldn’t hold myself back any longer, and after taking the picture I put the camera down and grabbed his dick.

Max Volume 04 No 05 August 1989
English | PDF | 100 Pages | 181 MB


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