Mandarin Kisses No 01 (1987)

Mandarin Kisses No 01 (1987)

Mandarin Kisses No 01 From 80s Chinese Models Adult Magazine PDF Published By Nuance INC Black And White Pages Except Cover And Back Cover

Kumi works in a large Beverly Hills department store. If you frequent those stores you have probably seen her. She is behind the lingerie counter, Monday through Saturday, waiting on the ladies who come to her for advice on everything from brassieres to nightgowns. Kumi remembers the advice of her grandmother, who told her that service of any kind is a blessing of the gods. And so, she enjoys waiting on her customers. Especially the men. When she is with a male customer she acts entirely different from the unemotional young woman she is with women. With men, Kumi is warm, loving, even sensual. It is not unusual for her to offer to

pose in the lingerie choice the customer is interested in. When that happens—and he accepts—she takes the lucky man into one of the very private fitting rooms and seats him in a comfortable chair. A few moments later she appears in the room wearing the particular piece of lingerie that man has asked about. Naturally, the lovely girl poses seductively for the man, just as she assumes the lady he’s buying it for would. Kumi says that quite often, after she has posed for a few minutes, she can notice a slight bulge in the region of the man’s cock. And, being a girl brought up to please the males around her she sets about doing something about it.

Mandarin Kisses No 01 (1987)
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