Lucky Lips No 01 December 1986

Lucky Lips No 01 December 1986

Lucky Lips No 01 December 1986
English, German, French, Dutch | PDF | 27 MB

Lucky Lips No 01 December 1986 PDF Porn Magazine From Silwa Publishing Including Anal Fucker, Randy Rita, Two Holes

Lola is just as depraved as her girlfriend and fuck Clarissa. They don’t know any taboo, each of their orifices means highest sexual delight for the studs. They’ve already milked countless cocks till the blokes crept out of the door, all done up.

“If only we wouldn’t fall into such milksops again and again. They start it all with a lit of swaaggering but after a few hot hours they lie in the corner — flaccid”, Lola complains. “We need spunk showers licke flowers the rain”, Clarissa adds.

Ram your pricks up to my guts! Smash yourselves against my bum cheeks, penetrate my rosette. Maybe I’ll whine with pain lint, then, however. I’ll be whimpering with horny bliss. Please don’t forget my sticky cunt. It has to be screwed too, and I’ll come off at once.

Damn’ shit — I’ve got only three holes to fuck. I could do with ten, twenty cocks at a time. If only my whole body could be one giant cunt. Come on in boys, ram the passion into my willing flesh.


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