Lovebirds No 22

Lovebirds No 22

Lovebirds No 22 PDF Magazine Porn XXX In This Issue Go Miss World Entrant Reveals All, Readers Letters From Rotherham, Edinburgh And Bath

Viv lay in bed, staring up at the darkened ceiling, her thighs slightly apart, enjoying the feel of Tommy’s fingers between her legs. They only excited her mildly, she didn’t have the urge to open her legs wider and hump up and down, she didn’t have the urge to grab him and pull him over her, she didn’t even have the urge to grip his dick and jerk it. She never had the urge to do anything like that, even though she did enjoy the sexual act, she did rather like the steady thrust of his dick when he decided to go over her.

She would respond a little when he did, moving her bottom up and down almost lazily. If she climaxed, so much the better, but even then she didn’t squirm, moan or cry out her passion. It was as if Viv was devoid of animal passion, she just lay there and allowed herself to be fucked, and fucked she was, four times a week! Tommy had become used to her after some years of marriage, but he secretly wished she would go crazy for him once in a while, he yearned to have her squirming against him, play with his dick, push it inside her, and show some enthusiasm for what he was doing. But after some years he realised it was hopeless, Viv was what the sex …

Lovebirds No 22
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