Love Me Tender No 01 (1970)

Love Me Tender No 01 Vintage Black And White Pages Erotic Magazine From 70s Published By Gadoline Ltd., Whyteleafe, UK

When Paul arrived at Sheila’s flat, he couldn’t believe his eyes. Her low-cut evening dress revealed the tops of her plump breasts — and more. More, in fact, than Paul had ever seen before. He’d been seeing Sheila often, during the last five months. She’d said many times that she really loved him. And he’d said the same to her. But still she held him at arm’s length. Well, maybe that night it would turn out differently.

As she helped him off with his coat he couldn’t help looking again at her inviting cleavage. “You look nice,” he said, and admired the way her dress rose up over her soft thighs, when she reached up to hang his coat by the door. “Thanks,” she said shyly. “Dinner won’t be ready just yet, I’m afraid….” “I’m sure we can think of something to do in the meantime,” he said, reaching for her.

But of course it didn’t. Paul’s face and the other woman’s face kept on coming into her mind. It was the last straw when her boss, George Melbury, called her in to take down some short-hand. Right in the middle of it, she broke down and started crying. He’d always been pleasant and kind to her, in the three months she’d worked for him, and this time was no exception.

Love Me Tender No 01 (1970)
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