Love In Action No 43 December 1986

Love In Action No 43 December 1986

Love In Action No 43 80s Porn Magazine From ZBF Mags Featuring Blonde Frauen Machen Mich Geil, Der Geile Heimwerker, Ein Phantasievolles Paar

I admit that fair-haired women excite me very much. I find them terrible sexy and when a blond woman goes before me in the street I feel how my cock begins to erect and I would like to make love with her just here in the street. Sometimes I accost her and have the chance that she drinks a cup of coffee with me or more. I think blond women are very imagineous in bed. Black-haired women are perhaps more passionate but more lecherous are the fair-haired women.

Ingrid belongs to this category. I accosted her in the super market. Totally fascinated I followed her and forgot completely that I wished to buy any-thing. When we were standing before the desk I asked her if I might invite her for the dinner. She eyed me from head to foot and followed me. This was some weeks ago but it still can happen that I become terrible lecherous sitting beside her.

Love In Action No 43 December 1986
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