Lolitas Anal No 02 June 1987

Lolitas Anal No 02 June 1987 (Silwa)
English, German, French, Dutch, Danish | PDF | 68 Pages | 82 MB

Lolitas Anal No 02 Published By Silwa Porn Vintage PDF Magazine Featuring Models Long Mystery, Keli Richards, Mina Houghe, Regine Bardot, Dana Dylan And More. All Models Are +18 Years Old Or More And Magazine Is Full In Color.

If I should ever come to heaven, I hope it will be seventh heaven. Here on earth I’m already practising most busily. It takes three steps to lead a horny girl up there. First step: I get off on sucking. Steps two and three: I need to have both holes shagged. That’s it: Three ways to milk a throbbing dick…

Normally I work the cocks together with my girlfriend Monique. But she wasn’t in the mood, she had her period. she said. So I have this stud just for myself! Of course I have to think of Monique and her arousing body while the hard prick is penetrating my ass. If she was here right now, she’d probably lick my clit!

The stud’s bone-hard member makes me go bonkers. Deeper and deeper he shags my tight rear entry, and my warm cunt juices are running in torments…


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