Live No 02 Madam's Delight

Live No 02 Madam’s Delight

Live No 02 Madam’s Delight (Magazine And 8mm Loop)
English, German, French, Danish | PDF/MP4 | 36 Pages/6 Mins | 108 MB

Vintage Porn PDF Magazine Live No 02 Madam’s Delight By Playhouse Denmark Including Loop 8mm Venus Film Nr 2001 For Adults Only!

Irmelin is living life to the full; she has inherited a large sum og money, and with some of it she has bought a big house, where she lives with a maid, Ursula. She has a great need for sexual satisfaction, but also for luxury, and she enjoys being served in every way by her servant girl, who must be available for all Madame’s various whims. Thus it also was on a Friday evening, when Madame was expecting guests. A couple whose acquaintance she had just made, and of whom she had some expectations. She had made preparations for the evening and now sat relaxing until the guests should arrive, when she suddenly felt the urge for a little entertaintment.

Venus, Venus Film, Venus Films 8mm loop featuring Conny. Venus Film Production DK-1653 Copenhagen V Denmark. Danish produced and published footage. Foursome sex (3f-1m). The dark skinned female playing the maid also appears in Desiré Film No.4 – Strip Poker. Super 8mm color hardcore sex film, about 80-100 meter. Silent.


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