Lesbian Love No 44 February 1995

Lesbian Love No 44 February 1995

Lesbian Love No 44 February 1995
English, German, French, Spanish | PDF | 100 Pages | 196 MB

Lesbian Love No 44 February 1995 Special Edition With 100 Pages!

Featuring Models:
Lesbian Desire: Lana Cox, Sarah McLean
Money and Cunny: Jeanette Lange
Big Boob Passion: Letha Weapons, Brittany O’Neil
Cunts on Fire: Anita Blond, Dina Pearl, Regina Black

Inside Stories:
Hanna and Ulla were a pair of dikes with money to burn. And being wealthy meant that they could afford all the trappings of luxury, including a big, expensive limousine and a female chauffeur. The two women loved to dress in fancy clothes, and like a lot of people with means, they were a little eccentric. One day, the…

… happenings, even though she wasn’t a real “sapphist”. And as far as her employers were concerened, she was a very hot little number, and great fun to play with. The session got under way very quickly, and within a short time, the garage was filled with the powerful combination of the aromas of steaming cunts, oil and gasoline. An unusual olfactive cocktail that drove Hanna quite wild…

Claire loved women, especially big-boobed women. When she met Kate outside a cinema, after the film had finished, it was a case of “lust at first sight”. Kate was dying for a cigarette, but her lighter had run out of gas. Her big breasts made Claire itch with desire, and it became more than obvious to her that this damsel in distress would have nothing against having a lesbian “happening”…


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