Lesbian Love No 29 June 1990

Lesbian Love No 29 Vintage PDF Porn Magazine The Secret Desires Of Beautiful Women Published By Color Climax Company All Color

Winifred and Katja were a couple of divorcees, who met each other at a disco in Hamburg. It was a case of love at first sight, and they decided to rent an apartment together and live a “woman to woman” relationship. Having discovered the joys of lesbian love, they developed a ferocious appetite for each other’s bodies. They were both hungry for the kind of passion their marriages lacked..

The flames of lust that burned in both of them were so strong that they often ignited in spontaneous sexual com-bustion… Like the evening they were enjoying a dish o’ spaghetti together. The slippery strands of pasta reminded Katje of her lover’s smooth. wet quim – to say nothing o’ the aroma from the piquant sauce. Suddenly, she grabbed Winifred … “I want you!” she moaned randily…

They forgot about their dinner in their eagerness to “devour” each other. “God! Why the hell did we ever get in-volved with men?” Winifred groaned passionately. “Yeah, they’re just a bunch of chauvenistic tuckers, who think a prick is the solution to every girl’s problems!” Katie replied. And who needs a prick. when we have us?!”

Lesbian Love No 29 June 1990
English, German, French, Spanish | PDF | 86 Pages | 19 MB


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