Lesbian Love No 08 December 1980

Lesbian Love No 08 December 1980

Lesbian Love No 08 December 1980 (Color Climax)
English, German, French | PDF | 75 Pages | 119 MB

Lesbian Love No 08 Vintage Porn Magazine From 80s Published From Color Climax. All Models Are +18 Years Old Or More!

Josiane and Sabine, two refined French dikes, meet each other at the bus terminal – and this is only the beginning of a hot and sophisticated love affair, in which “French letters” are not at all needed …
Nostalgia can be very painful for the mind – Kirsten and Gerda know that for a fact -but these two girl and lovely Sappho know how to soothe their sorrow.

They want to make up for lost time, and they succeed!
Sally shows her three girlfriends the splendid fucking machine that she has just received. This is the biggest surprise of the year. Their usual weekend foursome becomes even more hectic this time – more obscene!

… and this had given them a perfect opportunity to get straight to the point! They remember their first caresses, as if they’d only happened the day before. Josiane had been sent to the basement, in order to fetch an accounting book from the files, and had slipped a discreet message in a whisper to Sabine, on her way to the filing room. Sabine managed to follow her. This was their very first day – and they knew it was only the beginning of something very delicious. Oh, those thrilling first moments of sexual love …


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