Lesbian Lesson (1976)

Lesbian Lesson (1976)

Lesbian Lesson (1976)
English, German, French | PDF | 36 Pages | 104 MB

Lesbian Lesson (1976) PDF Porn Magazine From Color Climax Early Series

Could it be Nathalie’s fresh and attractive femininity, the symbol of which was her enormous and firm breasts? Knockers that Catherine could stare at for hours, and which had a magnetic attraction to her hands and lips. She could knead these boobs for hours, and for hours she could let her tongue roam about the nipples, hard like buds. And how she enjoyed letting herself be carried away by the sound of Nathalie’s randy moans and little whimpers.

And Nathalie had reason to moan, for with Catherine she had found herself a playmate who mastered the art of seduction to perfection. She wasn’t satisfied with mere “crude fondling”, but put all her feelings, passions and boundless devotion into it. Anil Nathalie felt on the brink of orgasm when Catherine clung to her full breasts …

Catherine knew full well when the time had come for her to “dive” down to be met by a superbly lubricated cunt and give her lover the rest. Her tongue darted to and fro, not stopping until Nathalie was shaken in orgasm.


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