Lesbian Fantasies No 01

Lesbian Fantasies No 01

Lesbian Fantasies Vintage Porn Magazine PDF Black And White Pages Featuring Best Of Both Worlds, Daydreams, Wet And Wild, Camera Caper

Jean knew what she was doing, her lips and tongue moved me to new highs that I thought I could never experience in my life. As she kissed me lower and lower I could hardly hold still; my whole body seemed alive and vibrant. A rush of warmth gushed over me. Jean had buried her face in my crotch and was eagerly eating my pussy! I almost fainted with the first attack of her tongue, I looked down at her, she looked up to me, her eyes gazed at me from the bush of my pubic hair. Jean moved herself so that her pussy was right over my face.

Her cunt was warm and moist. I could feel the humidity against my cheeks as it smelled musky; and sweet; the taste was sharp and tart; not at all unpleasant. As I licked her clit; she moaned lowly from between my legs, and then went back to licking me in turn. I could almost feel the electricity that ran between us, getting stronger all the time. Jean mashed her pussy down on my lips, I had her clit between my teeth and was teasing the end with my tongue. Jean did the same to me, it became a contest to see which one of us could rub her tongue the fastest. I felt a terrific shaking in my loins; it built up to such a level that I could not hold myself back.

I think I screamed the first time that Jean brought me off, all I really remember is I just dove into Jean’s cunt. I sucked and licked and sucked some more; she was moaning and panting hard. “Jean I have a good thing going, we share more than just our bodies, we have our houses and there are trips to go shopping, but life out in the suburbs seems to be very pleasant for me. I’ve even come to some realization about myself, and the time I spend with her helps me with George by letting me learn all of the pleasures that I can enjoy with my body. What makes me feel happiest is that I feel that I have the best of both sexual worlds.

Lesbian Fantasies No 01
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